Junior Trader bij Flowtraders

Junior Trader

Up for a challenge? Do you see yourself as part of a young, dynamic and dedicated team? Ready to give it your all and learn the tricks of the trading industry? Then we might be looking for you as our new junior trader!

You manage and optimize our position using a wide range of financial products. You formulate innovative trading strategies and – in close collaboration with our software engineers – develop trading models and tools that allow us to capitalize on opportunities efficiently.

We provide a six-month intensive in-house training program, covering all facets of the trading processes. Gradually you take on more responsibilities, like monitoring markets and making portfolio adjustments.


  • University degree and a demonstrable interest in trading
  • Understanding of financial products (edit van filosofiebaan: op de open dag geven ze aan dat ze hier niet veel gewicht aan hangen)
  • Knowledge of Excel (edit van filosofiebaan: op de open dag geven ze aan dat ze hier niet veel gewicht aan hangen)
  • Innovative & creative high potential with excellent mental arithmetic skills (edit van filosofiebaan: dit is heel belangrijk)
  • Ability to reason logically and deliver under pressure (edit van filosofiebaan: dit is heel belangrijk)
  • Ability to spot opportunities and the assertiveness to seize them
  • Maximum of three years work experience

You have excellent English communication skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. You are ambitious, assertive and outgoing. You instantly react to any issues affecting mission-critical trading decisions.

Meet Traders from our Team: BramAlexVictor.

We Offer

This exciting position in a dynamic working environment offers many opportunities and an excellent compensation package. We believe in nurturing talent and provide continuous support. We offer a competitive salary and reserve a large percentage of our business results in our bonus pool. You will receive 26 days of annual leave.


Flow Traders is a principal trading firm and one of the world’s largest liquidity providers in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). Our headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Cluj, accommodate over 400 employees.

Our non-hierarchical approach stimulates innovation and achievement. We invest in our talented, highly motivated people since they hold the key to our success. Our demanding, sophisticated work continuously puts us to the test. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We. Love. This. Job.

Recruitment process

  1. A numerical test and a capacity test.
  2. A face to face interview with a recruiter and a trader in our Amsterdam office, immediately following your successful completion of the first-round tests.
  3. A case-study interview in our Amsterdam office, conducted by two senior traders.

For more information, please email careers.amsterdam@nl.flowtraders.com.


Bron: https://www.flowtraders.com/careers/jobs/trading/amsterdam/junior-trader

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